A Review On The Summerville Churches


There are many churches thriving today. They are growing in size as well as resources. They are also becoming more relevant and vital to the communities. They have a deep relationship with the community as they serve them. In other words, those churches that thrive are those that serve. They understand the needs of the community and also their congregation. They can priorities the needs of the city and congregation and set goals that guide them on evangelism, outreach and use a detailed plan to attain those goals. Some churches implement programs and services without knowing the needs of the community.
It is essential that every Dorchester sc Church have a community needs assessment exercise to find out the priorities in areas of need such as child care, education, tutoring among others. When determining the direction of the church, the church uses congregation surveys to assess the attitudes, priorities, giving habits, social leanings, and other factors. There is also a leadership survey that analyzes a subset of the congregation that is in leadership. A resource assessment is there to help to implement new programs, services, and projects. Examples of these resources include technical resources, spiritual gifts, technical abilities, time, spiritual gifts and the heart to serve.
Some summerville gospel centered church remain visible, meaning they attract young adults, young families because they use strategies that are effective in creating awareness in the community about the programs offered, and about the congregation. Churches use marketing strategies like mission and vision development, logo development, print materials, site development, and social media implementation. It is crucial for the churches to use a language that is used by most people. Note that, a church is not a business, but it must be organized, have a compelling mission and vision, and administrative policies that assist the church in accomplishing its task.
At times, people are forced to change churches for some reasons. People change churches when their children lose connection with the church. Parents choose to look for another church that can relate to their children. Some of them decide to move to another church because their children have nothing to do at the church apart from sitting and listening. A church should offer something extra for young people. When you realize your child has the potential to serve the Lord, but the church lacks the best avenue for them, then you can change the church. Examples of the Summerville churches include Great Commission Baptist Church, Miles Road Baptist church and other churches including Summerville Catholic Churches.